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Acing a Cold Reading


Cold ReadingAcing a Cold Reading

Cold readings are never any fun at an acting audition. You can’t prepare ahead of time and be comfortable with your character, which can leave you feeling nervous at the start. This is not how you want to feel before an audition, so here are some helpful tips on delivering a great cold reading that could help you land the part.

5 Tips on Acing a Cold Read

The first thing to remember is that when you are given the script, immediately familiarize yourself with it. You don’t have to memorize it, but you want to make the most out of the limited time you have to go over the read. Also, remember to relax and take very deep breaths. This will keep you from sounding rushed and limit the number of mistakes you may make.

  1. The next thing you want to do after familiarizing yourself with the script is to dissect your character and break down the scene. Figure out what you character is doing? What your character wants? What the relationship is with the other characters? What is your character feeling? Establish where the scene takes place. This is important in establishing a connection with your character and helps you to deliver a more authentic performance.
  2. Use action to demonstrate what your character wants in the scene. Just because it’s a cold read doesn’t mean you have to stand still or be a statue. You can actually write notes in the script to give you cues on when to add more emphasis to certain parts.
  3. Make the best choice for your character and deliver your performance with conviction. It’s important to be confident at an audition, and confidence comes from choosing a character that fits you and that you can relate with. However, if you are feeling anxious or nervous use it to fuel your performance instead of drag you down and ruining your reading. More emotion can potentially set you apart from the other actors.
  4. Remember to take your time but not so much so that you are talking in slow motion. Think of it as a musical rhythm. Time your beats (also known as action) well. Stay attuned to the directors suggestions.
  5. Sometimes the director will ask you to read the scene with a partner. Don’t be alarmed; simply use the partner to your advantage. Interact with them; keep them engaged by making eye contact at the beginning and the end of your sentences.

Yes, cold reads are not fun and they may lead to a few mistakes, but remember casting directors expect that to occur. In fact, what will impress them the most is how you recover and fight through your slip ups on your way to delivering a good performance.  So if you can keep these tips in mind you can easily ace your cold read and land the part you’re looking for.

Fun Fact:

When Nicolas Cage met Johnny Depp in the 80s, he advised Depp to pursue a career in acting.

Spike TV’s INK MASTER is Casting Human Canvases

Ink-Master-is-the-reality-TV-show-competing-for-a-100000-prizeSeason 6 of Ink Master has returned to Spike TV. The acclaimed tattoo competition show will be hosted by Dave Navarro. Navarro will also serve as a judge on the show along with notable artists Chris Núñez and Oliver Peck. The show judges its contestants based on the execution of a tattoo style on a human canvas and a meticulous assesses of their artistic skills.  Each week the challenges are different and are based upon a prominent style of tattooing.

The casting team for Ink Master is seeking people who live in the NYC area and are willing to participate on the show as a human canvas. Potential candidates must be available for filming between February and May of 2015.

Are you all inked up and ready for your next big piece? Or, are you a first timer who has always wanted a tattoo, and now you’re finally ready to take the plunge onto an artist’s table?

Have you ever wanted the shock value of a horrific or bio-mechanical-style tattoo?

Do you want to get a portrait to memorialize a loved one or to pay homage to your heritage?

Is there a daring area that you have always wanted to have tattooed?

Would you like to be tattooed by one of the most skilled tattoo artist?

All possible candidates should fill out an official Ink Master 6 Human Canvas Online Application at  www.InkMasterCasting.com

**DEADLINE TO APPLY: Friday, December 12th, 2014**

NBC Series The Mysteries of Laura is Casting Extras for Race Track Scene

18210NBC explores the chaotic life of a soon-to-be divorced homicide detective and mother of rambunctious twin boys. Laura Diamond (played by Debra Messing from the hit show Smash) tries to hopelessly balance her day job with raising her sons and coping with her boss, who happens to be her unwilling ex-husband. Jake Broderick (Played by Josh Lucas from Sweet Home Alabama) refuses to sign the divorce papers instead he sets his sights on running his newly gained police department and winning the heart of his ex-wife, Laura. Laura’s partner is Billy Soto played by Laz Alonso (Jumping the Broom) and Max Jenkins plays extremely intelligent intern Max Jenkins.

Last week’s episode the murder of a dog-walker led the detectives to the height of New York Fashion Week. The detectives learn that the victim was a gifted intern for the designer Tom Burke who seemed to be involved in the creation of knock-off luxury items from the designer. Suspects range from Supermodels to ex-lovers to knock-off peddlers when Laura and Billy learn that the target might have been Burke himself and not the intern. By the end of the episode Laura has eaten out of a $12,000 purse and Billy has gone tow to tow with Mr. Clean.

Extras casting directors have released a casting call seeking extras to be a part of Laura’s next misadventures. GWC, extras casting director, is seeking people to be a part of a race track scene.


Grant Wilfley Casting is seeking the following for the NBC series MYSTERIES OF LAURA:

  • NON-UNION to play people at the race track (all types and ethnicities, ages 20s-80s) for a shoot on 10/28 at Belmont Park. (Non-Union, please note if you can self report to set.

Email a current picture, name, union status, phone number height & weight & clothing sizes to mysteries@gwcnyc.com. Please write “RACETRACK 10/28″ in the subject line of your email.

Casting Extras for PlayStation Network’s POWERS TV Series

MV5BMTQ2MDU0NjI5N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNTI2OTg5MjE@._V1_SX214_AL_PlayStation’s first original series Powers, based on the comic of the same name, is currently filming in Atlanta. The show centers around two lead homicide detectives tasked with investigating cases that involve people with superpowers. The show is set to premiere this winter on Sony’s PlayStation Network and will stream exclusively on its consoles for PlayStation Plus members.

Powers was created by Brian Michael Bendis (New Avengers, Ultimate Spider-Man) and Michael Avon Oeming (Bulletproof Monk, The Mice Templar).  In a world where superheroes, villains and human beings coexist a special unit has been formed to investigate cases involving “Powers.” Christian Walk is an ex-superhero forced to become a police officer after losing his abilities, played by Sharlto Copley. Deena Pilgrim is a newly assigned detective to the task force and Walker’s ne partner, played by Susan Heyward.

Because Powers is base on a world where superpowers is common the show will be need very splashy characters. For the past few weeks extras casting director, CL Casting (extras casting coordinator for the film trilogy The Hunger Games), has posted casting calls for background actors to step into the roles of superheroes and villains. CL has released a casting call for this coming Monday for agents and superheroes.


CL Casting in Atlanta:

We need some Super Sharp Looking Men and Women.


Power Suit Types with a twinge of trendy.
Must have sharp look Business attire.
Send you best business pictures.

These are the Super Heroes agents for a small scene.
Would like to squeeze in a fitting tomorrow if possible

If you are avail Monday then please email CLCastingComics@gmail.com. Include 3 pics (head, body and profile) age, ht, wt, and all contact info.

Subject: HANDLER


Seeking Caucasian Male
60+ Balding

If you are avail Monday then please email CLCastingComics@gmail.com. Include 3 pics (head, body and profile) age, ht, wt, and all contact info.



Works: Monday Oct 27th
Needs to be able to carry himself with a certain confidence.
You are a badass and you know. You new to the Power world and think you are unstoppable.
Must be Very Fit
We Encourage all looks Unique (tattoo/hair etc) look to apply as long as they are fit
Male or Female
Any Ethnicity
Age 18-25
Subject: NEWBIE


Works: Monday Oct 27th
You are passed your prime as far as saving people. You were once the talk of the town and now you are fading away while the NEWBIES take over.
You don’t have to totally fit but can tell you were once a hero
We Encourage all looks Unique (tattoo/hair etc) look to apply
Male of Female
Any Ethnicity
Age 40-65
Subject: RETIRED

If you fit the description and are avail then please email CLCastingComics@gmail.com – Include 3 pics (head, body and profile) age, ht, wt, and all contact info. Please make sure you have clear and well lit photos with simple clothing and a plain background. These will be selected by director.

CSI: Las Vegas Casting Mark-Paul Gosselaar Photo Double

csi-mark-paul-gosselaar-jpgThe CBS original series CSI, commonly referred to as CSI: Las Vegas, has been taking on us on a wild this season. The series opener began with a bang when CSI’s Russell and Finlay were forced to confront a serial killer case from their past while they worked together in Seattle. At first they believe that a copycat killer has surface in Las Vegas until the evidence suggests that the Gig Harbor Killer may be the one responsible for the murder.

As the investigation progresses CSI realizes that the Gig Harbor Killer may have had a partner and that partner may very well be his identical twin brother, Paul Winthrop. The brothers were adopted by differently families and raised separately without knowing of the others existence. Winthrop reveals to the CSI’s that he very much believes that his brother was wrongfully imprisoned by the overzealous CSI Russell and intends to prove as much. Russell and Finley believe that the brothers knew each long before the identity of Jared Briscoe was released as the Gig Harbor Killer.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar (famous for starring as Zack Morris in Saved by the Bell) guest stars on the show as the identical twin brothers, Jared Briscoe convicted Serial Killer and Paul Winthrop who is the owner of a highly successful company.

Extras casting director, Sande-Alessi Casting, (who has cast extras for TV Series Glee and The League) who are casting extras on the current season of CSI: Las Vegas is seeking an excellent actor to be Mark-Paul’s Photo Double to work from 10/28 to 10/30.


SAG CASTING NOTICE-PHOTO DOUBLE FOR MARK-PAUL GOSSELAAR. Shoots 10-28 through 10-30. You must live in the So Cal area to work this job. You must be willing to get a hair cut to match actor. Hair is actually a little shorter than in this photo.

PHOTO DOUBLE: Caucasian male, age 23-35We need an EXCELLENT actor. Height 5’10 to 6’0, 165-170 lbs, 42R coat, 16/36 shirt, 32 waist. Please email a photo, your height, weight, coat, shirt, pant size, your acting resume, SAG # and contact info to: SandeAlessiCasting@gmail.com Subject line should read: MPG DOUBLE

FOX’s Reality Series “Utopia” Now Casting in Birmingham, AL

Utopia-LogoCasting directors for the new FOX reality series “Utopia” seeking to cast additional talent from the Birmingham area for the Fox reality television series, UTOPIA. Those selected from initial submissions will need to attend an audition that will also be held in the Birmingham area.

Utopia is a unique reality show that takes strangers and isolates them in order for them to create their own society.  Have you ever wanted to mold your perfect world? Create a new society from scratch and be able to participate in making all the rules?  FOX’s new unscripted social experiment series “UTOPIA” is doing just that…. allowing people to create their perfect world. Will the cast be able to create a happy world or will it turn to chaos?

Cameras will follow the cast 24 /7. Each member of the group needs to be indispensable… or risk being thrown out.

If you could restart the world, what would you do differently? Will you choose democracy or dictatorship? Capitalism or socialism? Fidelity or free love? Which religion, if any, will prevail? Will you punish or forgive? Keep or share?

Season one of UTOPIA is currently airing on the Fox network on Fridays at 7:00 C.S.T.

Interested talent should be available to audition in the Birmingham area. To apply online, visit http://www.utopiatvcasting.com/how-to-audition.

Based on the Dutch hit of the same name, UTOPIA is a bold new series that moves 15 everyday Americans to an isolated, undeveloped location — for an entire year — and challenges them to create their own civilization.