Angelina Jolie and Her Stand-In

CL Casting Company Seeking Full-Time Stand-Ins

A Stand-In for film and television is a person who will substitute for an actor before a scene is filmed. This person is simple there for technical purposes such as lighting and framing. Stands are helpful in that during the […]

How to Build a Character During an Audition

How to Build a Character During an Audition

In TV/Film a character is a part played by an actor, commonly referred to as a role or part. It is the actor’s job to engage his audience through the portrayal of his role. When you are learning how to […]

Kids Acting Opportunities For Nickelodeon

So you want to know how to get your start acting with Nickelodeon, right? Maybe you’re a kid who’s favorite show is on Nick or maybe you’re the parent of a child that wants to break into acting. Either way, […]