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  1. Marcus goolsby

    I am a lifeguard In Fort Laiderdale and would love to be a extra !

  2. Carlos Franco-Vera

    Saw on your website that you guys are looking for talent for all roles.

    I am an amputee, it happen about three years ago. Have a great sense of humor about everything and I am not shy at all.
    You can use it as a home,tragedy,insult etc. I am open to anything(not shy) Open mind

    -Feature as a general in Vampire Diaries.
    -Lead actor in upcoming movie Orphan Train . I am playing a 18 year old teenager.

    The one word that would describe me is vigorous. I am very well determine and motivated. I want to represent all the amputees out there and open the doors for other amputees in the filming industry.

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