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  1. Catherine

    Hello, I am so excited about pirates of the the Caribbean 5. I would be so happy if I could be apart of it! For a while now I have wondered what it would be like to be a pirate, so when I saw this I got exited! I love acting and singing ( if that means anything to you).Hope you consider me:) Catherine

  2. Jacob Roberts

    Please pick me I’m 13 years old live in reading uk but want to move to USA I go to an acting school in reading uk I am an actor please pick me

  3. Emily Herrman

    i am 13 years of age and i live in wa here is the rest of my info; weight :106 height:4ft 11in gender:female — i own and love all of the pirates of the carribbean movies and i would love to be in one with one of my favorite acters jhonny depp. thanks. please email me

  4. William Hallows

    I have experience being on the set of a handful of tv shows including Grimm and the Librarians. I have filmed in a The green room and Wild. I enjoy this type of art form greatly and would love to be a part of this franchise. The way I see it it takes everyone crew and cast to make the final art piece. Getting a chance to work on pirates 5 would be truly a dream come true. Thank you for your time and consideration

    ~William Hallows~

  5. Hope D'Arcy

    Age: 18
    Height : 5″10′
    Location : London
    Background : modelling – i have completed campaigns for designers, whilst working within a 3 month period i earnt more than 30,000 pounds which at my age i believe is an accomplishment. However, my heart is not set in modelling and so i tried acting so i have completed some extras work in quite a few movies. Last year in my theatre group we completed an Oliver tour around England, Scottland, Ireland, Wales.
    Currently: on a gap year, if i don’t make it in acting then i will complete a medical degree at Edinburgh university.
    Looks: white caucasian, brown hair, blue eyes, thin.
    Measurements =
    Bust : 30
    Waist : 24
    Hips : around 32/34

    I would love a chance to audition because i am confident that i have the abillity to make it, i have the drive and passion for acting that is rarely seen in teenagers today. I am completely inspired by Kiera Knightly’s acting, her performance in ‘The Duchess’ completely astonished me and it would be an honour and a dream to work alongside her.

    I really want this, yours sincerely
    Hope D’Arcy

  6. Natalie Bates

    My name is Natalie Bates, I am located in the U.S. I am 19 years old, 5”4′. I have been in a few plays, and done some modeling. I have been a huge fan of the Pirates movies since they have started coming out! I know that it would be a phenomenal experience to be a part of the next film. I would love an opportunity to even just audition! Being a part of Pirates would be a dream come true! Thanks for your time and concideration.
    Sincerely; Natalie Bates

  7. Nyssa Huber

    I am thirteen years old, dark brown hair and hazel eyes. My hair is unruly just like my yearning for adventure. For me this is an opportunity that will give me a great adventure. I love Pirates of the Carribean and being a part of it would be a true honor.

  8. natali

    Hello. I am an Australian living in New York City USA. I hale from Queensland in Australia where the next film is set to be filmed. My parents live less than a 20 min drive from the planned location.

    Who is looking after casting?

    Look forward to your reply

    Natali Reton

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