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  1. Catherine

    Hello, I am so excited about pirates of the the Caribbean 5. I would be so happy if I could be apart of it! For a while now I have wondered what it would be like to be a pirate, so when I saw this I got exited! I love acting and singing ( if that means anything to you).Hope you consider me:) Catherine

  2. Jacob Roberts

    Please pick me I’m 13 years old live in reading uk but want to move to USA I go to an acting school in reading uk I am an actor please pick me

  3. Emily Herrman

    i am 13 years of age and i live in wa here is the rest of my info; weight :106 height:4ft 11in gender:female — i own and love all of the pirates of the carribbean movies and i would love to be in one with one of my favorite acters jhonny depp. thanks. please email me

  4. William Hallows

    I have experience being on the set of a handful of tv shows including Grimm and the Librarians. I have filmed in a The green room and Wild. I enjoy this type of art form greatly and would love to be a part of this franchise. The way I see it it takes everyone crew and cast to make the final art piece. Getting a chance to work on pirates 5 would be truly a dream come true. Thank you for your time and consideration

    ~William Hallows~

  5. Hope D'Arcy

    Age: 18
    Height : 5″10′
    Location : London
    Background : modelling – i have completed campaigns for designers, whilst working within a 3 month period i earnt more than 30,000 pounds which at my age i believe is an accomplishment. However, my heart is not set in modelling and so i tried acting so i have completed some extras work in quite a few movies. Last year in my theatre group we completed an Oliver tour around England, Scottland, Ireland, Wales.
    Currently: on a gap year, if i don’t make it in acting then i will complete a medical degree at Edinburgh university.
    Looks: white caucasian, brown hair, blue eyes, thin.
    Measurements =
    Bust : 30
    Waist : 24
    Hips : around 32/34

    I would love a chance to audition because i am confident that i have the abillity to make it, i have the drive and passion for acting that is rarely seen in teenagers today. I am completely inspired by Kiera Knightly’s acting, her performance in ‘The Duchess’ completely astonished me and it would be an honour and a dream to work alongside her.

    I really want this, yours sincerely
    Hope D’Arcy

  6. Natalie Bates

    My name is Natalie Bates, I am located in the U.S. I am 19 years old, 5”4′. I have been in a few plays, and done some modeling. I have been a huge fan of the Pirates movies since they have started coming out! I know that it would be a phenomenal experience to be a part of the next film. I would love an opportunity to even just audition! Being a part of Pirates would be a dream come true! Thanks for your time and concideration.
    Sincerely; Natalie Bates

  7. Nyssa Huber

    I am thirteen years old, dark brown hair and hazel eyes. My hair is unruly just like my yearning for adventure. For me this is an opportunity that will give me a great adventure. I love Pirates of the Carribean and being a part of it would be a true honor.

  8. natali

    Hello. I am an Australian living in New York City USA. I hale from Queensland in Australia where the next film is set to be filmed. My parents live less than a 20 min drive from the planned location.

    Who is looking after casting?

    Look forward to your reply

    Natali Reton

  9. Michael Coppa

    Hello, I am Michael.
    I am roughly 5’8″ and am an aspiring actor. I have seen all the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies and Johnny Depp has been my biggest idol for the longest time. I have preformed in a couple plays one of which is called “A Budget Cinderella” where I played as Flora, one of the step sisters. I currently reside in Stafford, Virginia and came here from Okinawa, Japan. I was on a talk show once back in Japan and know a fair amount of Japanese as well as a hand full of other languages. I would like to partake in this film because I have wanted to be an actor for a while, I know I have the skills and will do my best. I come from a military family so I’ve moved to a lot of different places and know about different countries from first hand experience. I would be honored to work with all of you workers and the rest of the crew, it would be such an experience. Please consider me and I will be fine with any role as I can get into character quite easily and I am fine with any role I am given. You guys hold the power and I think I have what you need. Contact me if you ever consider me into your thoughts or have any further questions. Thank you for your time, have a great day.


  10. daisy shumaker

    I think i would be best because it would be a great job to have and i have never been anywhere but north carolina and virginia also it would be nice to get out of my house for a while and go to california i can also sing really well and dance a little bit.

  11. Ryan Thacker

    Hello, my name is Ryan.
    Born in Pikeville, KY.
    I live in a studio apartment with my wife, and daughter in Sevierville,TN. We moved here from whitesburg ky after being laid off from the coal mines and have been barely making it since.
    My family and I absolutely love all of the Pirates of the Carribean movies. When I hear of another one that might be coming out I seem to be more excited than I was for the movie before it.
    I do not have any acting experience but I love making people laugh, and enjoy being around others with the same interest as me. I know I can do anything I put my mind to as long as a chance is provided. My main priority is providing for my family and I would love to give them a better life, my daughter is 4 years old and I want nothing but the best for her, but at the same time my wife and I are struggling between jobs and to make ends meet…
    In all my daughter deserves better than this, and this would possibly give me the opportunity I need to provide that life for her. I love being a family man, although I hate not being able to provide for them like I should. All I need is a chance to prove my self.

    Johnny Depp is an idol of mine and love his work, diversity and different ranges of characterization of his acting career. It would be an absolute privileges irking along side and amazing actor as Johnny Depp and many others as well.

    I have submitted my information and a photo as requested and I look forward to hearing back in consideration for any role in the upcoming film

    Thank you in response!!

  12. Saylor Stone

    Hi. I am Saylor Stone.
    I am 5’2 tall.
    I weigh 85.6 pounds.
    I have dark blond hair.
    I have dark brown eyes.
    I would love to act in this movie because I have lived with boats my whole life (as you can tell by my name) and I love this movie. I think this movie would be good to start acting

  13. Nikolay

    My name is Nikolay , I just found out that Disney is looking for cast members. I would just love to say right away Walt Disney movies are just amazing I have pretty much all of the movies memorized due to how much I love their work, and to be able to get a chance to help out the Pirates of the Carribean franchise thrive would be a dream come true! To work for Joachim Rønning and alongside Johnny Depp Orlando Bloom would be absolutely amazing.

  14. cindy

    hi there this is a fab idea to give someone a chance and the opportunity to be apart of something amazing. I wish I had the chance and funds available to go to drama school and be a part of something so huge, I would love to be a female jack sparrow I think id be good at it too as I can be crazy at time not in a bad way mind and I’m always playing characters for my son. best film

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