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Preparing Your Acting Résumé

Are you interested in attending this Preparing Your Acting Résumé and starting your acting career? If so, leave a comment below about why you think you should be a part of this production and fill out our application form to have a chance to be in this movie.

Acting ResumeHow to Prepare Your Acting Résumé

If you are pursuing a career in acting it is important that you have a resume. A résumé is the representation of you; this is true when pursuing any job or career. The information provided must be accurate and honest because if a director finds out that you have lied about working on a project it will cost you the role and any future roles. The acting industry is a very small world and word does get around. Putting together a winning résumé is quite easy, provided below are a few easy steps in achieving this.

Your résumé needs to be concise and paired down to one page. A director just wants to see your most recent work.

A good résumé should consist of your name – usually at the top and in a bigger font, a good phone number where you can be reached, an email address and/or website. You do not need to provide your address (it is never a good idea; you don’t know whose hands it will land in). You will get the opportunity to give the production that information when you are hired and fill out all the paperwork.

It should also have a small photo of your headshot at the top corner of your resume; the ideal location would be opposite your name and contact information.

Your résumé needs to have your hair color, eye color, height and size. Make sure to update this information every time that you make changes to your physical appearance.  There is nothing a casting director hates more than receiving a description on a résumé from a talent and having them show up looking completely different.

It is important that you start with your recent work. Agents and directors will want to contact them and inquire about your work with them. As your body of work grows make sure to update your résumé and eliminate those smaller, unimportant parts.

Finally make sure to discuss the production; its name, the director, the role you played. This information will lead the agent or director to ask you about the different parts that you’ve played. You must be very honest on this portion of your résumé, as you don’t want to say that you have singing and dancing skills then not be able to sing or dance if you’re asked to demonstrate skills at your audition.

Remember, like any job interview your résumé is a key part to landing the part you want. If you’re able to be honest and highlight your true strengths and experiences

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