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Western TV Show Looking for Extras (Arizona, Phoenix)

In search of about 30+ extras to fill a scene in our new Television project. If it based off of the bonanza series and is a western. Talent will not have to speak any lines or attend rehearsals. Just required to attend a casting call and audition in order to be considered for the extra roles that are open. The television series is set to shoot at a specific location.

If you are interested in this opp please submit an application with a photo. Good luck!

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  1. Penny Dumas

    What’s a good western without a redhead and freckles? Sounds like a fun project. Thank you for considering me.


  2. Penny Dumas

    Thank you for taking time to consider me. If you ask me, every western could use a redhead with freckles!


  3. Christina Dolza

    I have done some extra work in the past, Waiting to Exhale and Fixing the Shadow. Thank you for you time and considerations.

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